Thursday, November 29, 2007

...My Two Front Teeth

Sometimes all the scrubbing and wiping and folding that I do as a SAHM gives me good think-time. I was thinking about Christmas wish lists while I was scrubbing the baby gate today. When I was a kid, every year about this time I spent hours poring over the Sears and JC Penney Christmas catalogs, looking at all the fancy toys. I would make lists for Santa. In later years these lists were complete with page and catalog item number, so that Santa would be sure and give the right gift. These lists usually took up a whole piece of paper. Don’t get me wrong, no way my parents or Santa were going to get me ALL THAT STUFF. There was just some sort of pleasure in window shopping via catalog.

I think as adults, our wish lists are much more practical. If someone were to ask what we wanted for Christmas, we’d say something along the lines of, “I could really use a new microwave,” or “pair of slippers,” or “ratchet set,” or “family portrait.”

Let’s fantasize for a moment, like we did as children.

If I could have anything for Christmas, it would be a clean and completely organized house. I mean with all the closets organized, all of the give away stuff gone, all the throw away stuff gone, all the Ebay stuff gone, and squeaky-clean. In our time as a married couple, we’ve never been “unpacked.” We’ve been married nine years and have lived in six houses. We plan to stay here awhile, though, so it would be nice to be organized for a change! Imagine – that way I could keep my house clean with a simple routine, instead of constantly fighting the clutter.

What would you really, REALLY like for Christmas? What would you never mention, because you know how impractical/expensive/complicated it would be? A cruise? To be reunited with estranged loved ones? That pair of diamond earrings you’ve always had your eye on? To have your soldier home from deployment?
I’m not asking just to get you to think – I’m really curious, and looking forward to comments!


Tawn said...

I'd ask for a trip for my husband and I to somewhere...before we become 3 and maybe another diamond band to put with my wedding band and engagement ring. That's my impractical wish list. :-)

LESTER said...

Okay this is fun! I have always wanted a porsch since I was little, so could I have that please? Oh and you know what else would be great! My own personal jet, so I could just take off to see family or friends whenever I wanted, and of course to great vacation spots. Matt would have to be the pilot though.

carrie said...

Quite frankly, my wish list would be a baby. Hmm, guess that is a wish list for a much more powerful being than Santa! I would also like a clean house!

DonnaMarie said...

Okay, since we're talking completely 'not gonna happen' requests just for fun... I'm thinking liposuction would be nice! I'd also love to fly somewhere for the weekend with Joe - since I've never flown in anything other than a small plane, and Joe and I never had a real honeymoon! Of course the whole completely clean and organized house thing would be great, too! :-)