Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

Today's edition of WFMW will only apply to those of you who have young daughters with pierced ears. We got Wendy's ears pierced when she was 6 months old. (I say we, but I bet you can guess who was behind it.) It was great for the first several months, because she didn't even know she had earrings, so she didn't mess with them at all. I did the daily cleaning and earring-turning with no problems.

But now...ah, now. Now she's a super-active toddler, and one of her I'm-never-going-to-take-a-nap strategies is to stand in the crib and pull her earrings out. She does it by grabbing the front and just pulling, which I think would hurt. I worry about her eating them, or chucking them in the floor to be found by an unsuspecting bare foot, or rolling over on them when she does eventually go to sleep and scratching her face.

And so, what I have gone to is the little clear plastic earring backs. You know the kind? The ones that come on dangly earrings but you don't really use? I found out that you can go to Claire's (or any other accessories store) and buy a little baggie of the things for super-cheap. They fit the post of the earring more tightly and provide more friction, so Munchkinhead can't take out her earrings as easily.

Cheap, easy, and safe - works for me!
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Ribbon Rock Star said...

Great tip!


Totallyscrappy said...

I have three boys, but I'm trying to remember this tip just in case God gives me a girl. :)