Sunday, December 2, 2007

Follow-Up to Free Kittens

So. We got home from church tonight around 7 p.m., and it was dark and very rainy. James was backing the van into the driveway when the headlights illuminated a small, wet form laying on the grass by the road. Uh oh.

Yes, the kitten that the neighbor "wanted to keep" had been hit, and was laying in a mud puddle, half-frozen but still (barely) alive. I told James to go get the neighbor to see what she wanted to do, as I was picking the kitten up to assess the damage. He got the neighbor, and her response was, "Well, I don't want to see it. It's just a cat." No questions about how bad it was, no offers to take responsibility, no nothing. "It's just a cat." What, so she would've just left it to die in the cold, wet mud puddle??

I brought the kitten inside, and dried it off and warmed it up. It was immediately apparent that it wasn't going to live; its back was broken and its abdomen was filling with blood. If I was still working, I would've rushed it to the clinic to put it out of its misery. Instead, knowing kitty wouldn't make it to an emergency call at the vet 15 miles away, I cuddled her in a towel, rubbing and cooing until she died in my arms.

I am so mad.

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Susan said...

Oh this made me so sick! My sister has neighbors like this. For about three days she kept hearing what she thought was a kitten crying. She couldn't find it. Finally, she sent her husband and son under the deck and there, backed up against the foundation of the house, was a tiny, wet, scared kitten. They took him in, bathed him and started feeding him. He looks exactly like the obviously NOT neutered male cat that lives next door along with a bunch of other cats that they "own" and let run. No one ever asked if a kitten had been found. Presumably, they didn't notice and didn't care. My sister never mentioned it to them and Kitty-Kitty lives strictly indoors with Mary Sue, another stray cat my nephew brought home. What is wrong with people?

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