Friday, January 25, 2008

Ick. A Day of Pre-Sickness.

You ever have a day like this?

You wake up with a nagging headache. You're cold.
Nothing sounds good for breakfast.
You trip over toys and/or cats on the way to the bathroom.
You're still cold. Still headachy.
You try to get something done, but it doesn't work, so you just give up.
You try to take a nap and can't sleep.
Still with the headache.
Then you notice the baby is being awfully quiet today.
Her cheeks look pink...too pink.
She's being really good...too good.
You feel her forehead and it's hot.

And then you realize that sickness is about to descend on your house.

I may be wrong. I hope I'm wrong. But Wendy and I are both showing tell-tale signs of the-day-before-you-get-sick kind of feelings.

Good thing we've got Tylenol and Kleenex in the house.


Queen B said...

Run. Go on vacation. Get out of there.

I'm kidding. I feel your pain. Prepare for days of sickness is all I can say. We're on day 4 of seriously high fever.

I hope you are wrong and it is a fluke.

Fresh Girl said...

Aww, I know about those pre-sick days! I hope it's just a warning and while y'all sleep, it'll creep away.