Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Works-for-Me Wednesday - Diaper Bag Supplies

Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer is hosting her weekly "Works for Me Wednesday," in which people share their handy household tips.

Today I'm going to share two of my favorite on-the-go diapering products. The first is something I've only seen at Target. Now, you can get generic bags anywhere, but this is just way cute, and it keeps my girlie distracted while I'm taking care of the diaper business. It's the Diaper Duck, by Munchkin. Basically, this cute little duck stores heavy-duty baby-powder-scented baggies for those toxic diapers you change on the go. This is great for in the car, on trips, or at Grandma's house (where we used two yesterday!). The refills are pretty cheap, too.

The other product I love is my Diapees & Wipees bag. It's just big enough to hold a travel container of wipes, a disposable changing pad, and a couple of diapers. Now, you can buy bags like this at Target and other places, but these are the original and they were invented by a stay-at-home mom. (So the point is, buy one of the originals and support a mom business!) These bags can be ordered in many different fabrics, and they're great for the diaper bag, or even for my big purse if I don't want to lug the whole diaper bag around. I've heard people say that they're also good for keeping different sizes of diapers separate in the diaper bag if you've got more than one munchkin in diapers - sounds like a good idea to me!
Head on over to Rocks in my Dryer for more helpful tips!


Vickie said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! That white board is a great idea! I have tried to find one that is magnetized but have not had any luck.
Thanks again!

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

I love the dipee/wipee bag. How cute!

Domestic Spaz said...

Hi Jeni! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Those diapee/wipee things are so cute I almost wish I had a baby again.

But not really. ;)

Sarah W. said...

Amen, sister!! I use both of those products (except this time I got the trash bags that hook to the diaper bag, but same concept!). And I love them! The best part of the Diapees/Wipees is that when you are past the diaper bag stage (no longer needing change of clothes, burp rags, etc) but still in diapers, you can just throw that in your purse!
And, I was thinking how your kids could even use it once diapers are over (I got mine as gifts, so they are personalized) to store toys or something?!