Thursday, February 7, 2008

Conflict of Interest

Wendy and I went on an excursion today - to Target. I say "excursion" because it usually takes us 40 minutes to get there. I remember the good old days of living in Jefferson City, Missouri, when we lived five minutes away from Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe's, Barnes & Noble, and Coldstone Creamery. What more do you need?? Well, we moved to middle Tennessee to be closer to family, and now we're much further from stores.

Anyway, the shopping trip was successful, and on the way out I stopped at Starbucks. Because, well, you just have to stop at Starbucks when you're leaving Target. I don't go to Starbucks that often, and I'm still in search of the perfect beverage, so I never know what I'm going to order.

I stepped up to the counter, and the nice girl said, "Good morning! What can I get for you?"

My eyes were darting back and forth over the menu, and I said, rather hesitantly, "I'd like a non-fat latte with the sugar-free hazelnut syrup. Oh, and a cheese danish."

What?? The girl looked at me, smiled, and rang up the order. All the while, I was thinking, "That's just ridiculous. A non-fat sugar-free latte and a cheese danish?? Talk about your basic conflict of interest!"

Those of you who know me in real life know that I'm quite overweight - and now all of you who don't know me in real life are shocked that I'm not 5'11" and 110 lbs, nicely tanned and with long blonde hair. I know, I'm shocked, too. :-) Anyway, I am fully aware of my health risks, especially since diabetes runs in my family, and especially since I had gestational diabetes while carrying Wendy. I know this. You know what I also know? I know I love cheese danishes.

I've joked with people that I wouldn't have trouble with my weight if food didn't taste so darn good. But seriously, if they could make a pill that would make everything you eat taste like, I don't know, canned spinach with no seasoning, I wouldn't have any trouble losing weight. Instead, my world is filled with homemade mac & cheese, brownies, mashed potatoes, bacon, peanut butter, and other assorted yummy things. On the canned-spinach-tasting diet, I could probably get completely in shape within 9 or 10 months. In the real world, however...sigh.

Oh, and just so you know, the people who make bras are not kind to women who are overweight without the bonus curves. Everyone expects that if you're overweight, your cup size should go up accordingly. Well, that may be the rule for the general population, but there are a few of us out there who are overweight and yet small-chested. It happens. It's very unfair. So someone should make bras that will fit us.

I'm getting off my soapbox now. And I'm really glad I didn't make those chocolate chip cookies I considered yesterday. If I had, I'd be polishing them off now.


MP said...

Saw your interview at Lisa's..(I interviewed her)... I'm a St Louis girl myself..I remember when I went to college in Fulton we would go to Jeff City to be in the "city" and DIE because there wasn't a you had to go all the way to Columbia. It's all relative isn't it. I can't imagine being far from a Target..OH and new menu at Starbucks.. Skinny Latte's and Skinny Mocha.. I did the Skinny one w/ a cookie.. :-)

MP said...

ps..I saw the book list on the side..and now I'm STUCK..I've been adding books instead of workin!

Fresh Girl said...

Oh, I so know what you're talking about when you say you wouldn't have trouble with your weight if food didn't taste so good. That's always been my problem, too. I know there are people who eat for emotional reasons, but I over-ate because I LIKE FOOD and it is GOOD. ;) Until Christms 2005 when I looked at my family opening presents and thought to myself that they'd be opening them the next Christmas without me, and in all likelihood, they would have been. I was about 80 lbs overweight at 4'7" and it was killing me.

I started doing WW on-line on New Year's Day 2006, and I've lost 70 lbs... has changed my life. I still slip now and then, especially where cheesy things are concerned, but I've found better for me food that also tastes GOOD, so it's easier to resist the stuff that made me fat in the first place. ;)