Sunday, February 10, 2008

Linky love

I just stumbled upon a blog called Mental Tesserae. The first post I read was fantastic, and lyrical, and a suitable commentary on our culture. I subscribed to the blog via Bloglines, and started reading some of the previous posts.

And boy, am I amused.

The author, Julie, has a daughter who is 20 months old. Wendy is almost 17 months old, so the similarities are plain. Her stories about her daughter were making me giggle so much that the cats thought I had finally lost it.

Here are some excerpts that I found especially amusing:

"Then came Saturday (hereafter known as black Saturday) when I realized that my daughter had in fact not learned to aparate from room to room, she had merely learned to hug the corner of the crib and swing her legs over the railing to freedom. She had also picked up the useful skill of turning a doorknob and opening her door. (Who taught her to do this?!! Has she been sneaking out at night to attend secret Baby Club meetings? What other tricks does she have up her fuzzy-pink-polyester-sleeper sleeve?)." from "She escapes!"

"Just for good measure, after you've been properly bandaided and cuddled and set free again, wait until your mom is busy wiping bloody spots off the floor and go fall down the stairs. Make sure you don't hurt yourself, but give your mom's friend a good healthy complex. She'll think her house is a death trap. I'm sure she'll be ready to invite you back again real soon." from "How to make a lasting impression."

Don't take my word for it - go check her out yourself!

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