Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ZZZZZ = Happiness!!

I think one of the joys of parenting is its ever-changing nature. That's definitely true of babies and toddlers; they grow & develop so quickly, parents struggle to keep up. James and I discuss parenting strategies a lot, since it seems like new developments always lead to new routines or discipline or something.

Wendy has never been a deep sleeper. She's been a good sleeper; she started sleeping through the night around 2 months old, and only has bad nights when she's sick. But when she's sleeping, any little thing can rouse her - every night when I check on her before I go to bed, her eyes pop open at the tiny "squee" of the doorknob.

Wendy is also very interested in the world around her. This was quite a disadvantage when she was an infant, especially during church. I remember looking around at similar-aged babies, calmly snoozing in pink-cheeked cherubic-ness, and here I was, wrestling a very tired but very alert baby.

And so it has taken me by surprise recently when Wendy has occasionally asked to be put down for a nap. Not verbally; she's not there yet. By her actions. For example, two days ago, she was playing while I was blogging. She went into her room, got the Binky, and yanked the Blankie out of the crib. She came back into the living room, laid down on the floor, plugged in the Binky, rubbed her nose with the Blankie, and she was out! Just like that! She's never, EVER done that!

Today I was changing her crib sheet, and she was watching me...she thought it was funny to see Momma struggle and flop that crib mattress around. As soon as everything was in place, she indicated she wanted picked up and put in the crib. When I put her in the crib she laid down, so I tucked her in with the Blankie. That was two hours ago - and not a peep!

Maybe she's finally understanding that taking a bit of a nap is a good thing - it lets you rest, and recharges your batteries for some good play time. Maybe she's still getting over last week's stomach bug.

Whatever the case, I know this:

In this house, ZZZZZ = Happiness!!

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