Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Recipe for Self-Esteem Boost

Grungie clothes
Kneeling pad (or old towel)
Warm water
Filthy kitchen floor

Apply grungie clothes to self. Place kneeling pad on kitchen floor; set aside. In a standard kitchen sink, place bucket and fill with warm water laced with a generous dollop of all-purpose cleaner. Toss in rag and scrub brush. While carefully kneeling on kneeling pad, vigorously scrub filthy kitchen floor with rag, using scrub brush as needed. Rinse rag and scrub brush. Repeat as needed, until filthy kitchen floor becomes sparkling.


1 comment:

EB said...

You are too funny! If it makes you feel any better I spent this evening cleaning up Ben's vomit out of our carpet...gross!! That really make me feel special!!