Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Blame Target

I'm pretty sure I blogged recently about my girlie's clothing situation...something about the fact that she has 19 summer shirts, 13 pairs of shorts, and 23 dresses. Remember that?

Well, I had to decided to go to Target today, because I was in the neighborhood - our nearest Target is more than half an hour from our house, so I don't get to go very often. While there, I went to look for tights for Wendy's Easter outfit. I should know better than to walk through the toddler clothes to get to the tights. I should have bypassed the general clothing and accessed the tights from the end of the aisle where I know they are located. I should not have paid any attention to the big red signs proclaiming, "SALE" in the toddler clothes section. I should have taken a deep breath and walked away slowly.

I was all set to do that. But then I saw this.

Do you see that adorable playing-outside-in-the-summer outfit? Can't you picture that on my adorable little pigtailed girlie? Here's a close up of the print:

The butterfly print is what sold me on this outfit, because Wendy has lavendar butterfly earrings shaped almost exactly like these butterflies. And as you can see, by the fact that the outfit is on my coffee table, I didn't resist temptation. I grabbed that little shirt and matching purple shorts (when else in a female's life can she get away with purple shorts??) and tossed them in the cart. I did manage to resist all the cute dresses and swimwear.


What's a mother to do? Especially a mother with an adorable, chubby, blonde & blue-eyed little sweetie?

Besides, she's already very fashion-conscious, as you can see:


Amy said...

I love Target! I blame them for all my over-spending. Was there over the weekend with my sister and five month old niece, who has more clothes than I do, and we couldn't resist the clothes either. It was too much pressure!

Heather said...

I love to shop. Now I can resist stuff for me, but I LOVE to buy for the little one! The clothes are just too adorable!!!

Queen Mother said...

I took my granddaughter to Target the other day. The stuff was just too cute! I don't blame you for purchasing.

Our Love Story said...

Thanks for the help with cloth diapers a couple of weeks back! I have been using the same washing technique as you. Fun that we are both starting the journey together!

I am enjoying the cloth so far - hoping to get to a post about it soon, too! How is it going for you now? I still use disposables at night... Mine is a heavy night nurser and wetter and I am not ready to switch yet!

Thanks again!

Jill said...

Not sure I could have resisted that one either. Oh how I wish I could still choose my girl's clothes. She is almost 12 with the attitude of a sulky 15 year old.
Love the butterflies and purple shorts.

pinkmommy said...

I have the same problem. My 3 biggest weaknesses are Target, Old Navy and Childen's Place...I can't leave those places without something! At least they have good deals.

Angie said...

What a cutie pie! :)

My daughter also has a ton of clothes, but almost all of it is either hand-me-downs or purchased at a consignment sale or second hand store. It makes it easier to justify buying a lot. LOL

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