Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Now I Know...

(This is an early Mother's Day themed post, so bear with me.)

Wendy is 19 months old, so this year I'll celebrate my second Mother's Day. Here are a few of the things I've learned since Wendy came into my life:

  1. While pregnant - it's possible to be sick 24/7 for 32 weeks.
  2. While pregnant - seeing your belly move because someone is having hiccups inside your body is amusing and strange and wonderful, all at once.
  3. I don't remember those first two or three weeks after Wendy was born, and I've come to learn that's not all that unusual.
  4. Nursing doesn't always come easily.
  5. Nursing is best, but if it's not possible, there are some really good formulas out there.
  6. Poop can and will get on every garment, piece of bedding, furniture, carpet, etc. that baby is near.
  7. Ditto with pee.
  8. Oxi-clean is our friend.
  9. Not much is more precious than the sigh of a satisfied baby.
  10. Every new development, while exciting, is another step away from Mama. *sniff*
  11. Babies can make their wishes known very early in life.
  12. Toddlers are even better at making their wishes known.
  13. A gummy baby smile is cute, and a toothy toddler smile is cuter.
  14. There isn't much better in a toddler's world than a trip to the park followed by Goldfish and juice, then a nap.
  15. Petco is almost as good as the zoo.
  16. A toddler can make you so frustrated you want to scream into your pillow, and then in the next minute can make you laugh uncontrollably. Or maybe I'm bipolar.
And something I've always "known," but now I know:

Babies are a gift from God, and bear insights into His character.

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Heather said...

That would make all parents bipolar then! Great post! I did one too.

Being a mom is the best job I can think of!