Friday, April 25, 2008

Y'all. Go See This Movie.

I don't normally post at 11 p.m. on Friday nights, but I just had to tonight. We just got home from a movie (the first one we've seen in the theater in OVER TWO YEARS) and I had to write to tell you to go see it.

Better yet, take your significant other with you.

And your neighbor.

And that guy from work.

And the new couple from church.


We saw Ben Stein's Expelled. It was fantastic! We went with some folks from church, and then went to Shoney's afterward for coffee & discussion. It was thought-provoking, informative, frightening, and funny in parts that probably weren't even intended to be funny. (Best line from an actual scientist - "I just told you! On the backs of crystals!")

If you haven't heard about this movie, definitely follow the link to learn more. And make plans to go see it - it's worth the time & money!


Amy said...

I was actually thinking about going today!

Jody said...

We saw it last night. I was appauled by the closed minds of those who are supposed to have some of the most inquiring minds among us. And, yes, it was funny in places that it probably shouldn't have been. I especially enjoyed hearing Dawkins say that there could have been an intelligent designer- but he had surely come from evolution in another part of the galaxy. Ummm, what? Too funny.