Thursday, May 15, 2008

Animal Sounds

After being just a tad behind in saying words (but understanding most things) Wendy is really starting to catch up!

Here's her current vocabulary base: thank you, please, Hi, Bye, meow, ruff, cow, ow, yes, no, bread, 'nana (banana), Dada, pretty, house, this, that. She said, "mama" once, too! :-)

I've been working on animal sounds with her. She's got kitty and doggie down with no problems. The kitty says, "Yow!" and the doggie says, "Urf!" We moved on to cow. And this is how our conversation goes:

me: What does the cow say?

Wendy: Cow!

Me: Does the cow say, "Mooo?"

Wendy: Cow!

Me: Cow says, "Mooo!"

Wendy: Cow!

Me: Moooo!

Wendy: Cow!


I have yet to meet a cow that says, "Cow!"

1 comment:

Susan said...

You would know...being a vet and all!

I so miss those days! My little traitors all said DaDa before Mama ever attempted to come out of their mouths!