Thursday, May 15, 2008

You Can Call Me Betty...

It has come to my attention that I may not be, in the strictest sense of the word, normal.

I know you're surprised by that. Or at least surprised that I didn't already know I'm not normal.

Here's the thing: I make up nicknames for people and pets. And it's never your average "Honey" or "Dear" or "Baby." I think I inherited this tendency from my mother. During my formative years I was frequently referred to as a "Maggot." How's that for a pet name? This came from a woman who will also call other drivers, in certain situations, "Ishkabibble," "Guggenhiemer," or "Idjit."

To this day, my parents don't call me by my given name, even though they carefully chose one I'd have to spell 4 bazillion times in my life. No, they call me, "Beeb." I don't know why. I do know that I answer to it. I also know it would seem awkward for them to address me as "Jeni." I used to be embarrassed when they'd call me "Beeb" in public, especially from about age 12-19. Now it doesn't matter so much to me.

I have the same talent? urge? ailment? for giving nicknames. I'll share a few with you:

For Sonata Juliet, one of the cats: Sonni-Bunny Two Shoes, Bunny of Great Magnitude, Funniest and Sunniest of Bunnies.

For Serenade, one of my parents' cats: Ki Serenaynay, Ki Sere, Blue Eyes

For Bella, the dog: Clarabella Boo-Boo, Clara-Boo, Boo-Boo Frog Dog, Clarabella Bella Boo.

For Wendy: Pumpkin, Munchkin (I know those are fairly normal), Squirmbing, Chicken, Wendykins, Problem (because sometimes she is one!)

What nicknames do you have for your loved ones? What are some nicknames they have for you?

(and an extra 5 points if you recognize the title as a song reference)


Amy said...

Growing up my dad called me Mice Ears...I think he likes "different" nicknames, too.

Nichole said...

My dad used to call me "Punky Dunk" or "Peanut." Peanut has transferred to Piper. Fortunately, Punky Dunk seems to have been forgotten.

Pi is also known as Pipsy, Pipsy-Doodle, Pi, Pippy or Pip. Graham is generally Grum, Grummy-Grum or Stinky Boy.

Heather said...

and I can call you Al....

We use tons of nicknames, usually just tacking on a new one to the already long list.

If I call my Hubby by his real name, he knows he's in trouble. I always call him "daddy" or "dear" or something similar.

I love nicknames!

Jeni said...

5 points to Heather! :-)

I'm glad other people have strange nicknames, too. Y'all have made my day. :-)