Friday, May 16, 2008


While running errands today, I was mentally writing a blog post. It was basically about the skills I've developed since I became a mother. Things like expert stain removal, vomit catching, making pigtails out of six strands of hair, and painting wee toenails.

What got me thinking about those "skills" was a trip to McDonald's. I was picking up lunch for Wendy & I and my mom & sister-in-law. Since our driver's side window still doesn't work (grr) I can't use the drive-thru like a normal mom-running-errands-with-toddler. Instead, I have to take Wendy with me to go inside & order, keep her amused, and bring everything back to the van.

On the way back to the van, I managed to carry two medium drinks, my wallet, and a big bag of food, and hold Wendy's hand - and I was still able to unlock the van so Wendy could climb back in. Skillful, no?

Fast-forward two hours, and Wendy and I are in Target, trying to decide which checkout line will work for us. We see Holly, from our church. With her four children. Under the age of 5. She has makeup on. Her hair looks good. The three oldest kids are strapped into the cart, and the baby is riding on a sling on Holly's chest.

And then I get a little perspective.

I don't think you read my blog, Holly, but seriously? You rock. I want to be like you when I grow up.


Nichole said...

There are a couple of people I always think of when I feel like I'm getting overwhelmed: my sister-in-law Chloe, who has four kids and whose husband is frequently on the road; and Becky, who is raising two kids on her own. It doesn't always make me feel more capable, but it does put things into perspective!

Heather said...

I think we all have mommy friends like this. I wonder if any of them look up to me? Nah, I'm a mess! ;-)