Sunday, May 11, 2008

Quick Update...

As you can see from the timestamp, I shouldn't be blogging. I got up to make sure the storms were over, and thought I'd toss in a quick update, since I most likely won't be blogging tomorrow.

And stay tuned - funny stories with even funnier mental pictures coming on Monday, with the Yard Sale 2008 Recap. Aren't you excited? I can just see you there, on the edge of your seat, biting your fingernails & waiting for my Yard Sale 2008 Recap.


Good news - sold lots of our junk. Especially the big junk - filing cabinets, engine lift, engine stand, about 75 CDs, about 100 books. Total earned = $618. A pretty respectable day, especially for this neck of the woods, where people want everything for a quarter.

Bad news - my living room and dining room are full (FULL) of boxes of unsold stuff. We're going to help my folks clean out their garage in the next week or so, and then all this stuff will be neatly stacked in there, awaiting a fall garage sale - with an actual garage.

I hope y'all have an excellent Mother's Day. I plan to spend mine with the 7 people dearest to my heart, and a God that surpasses all things. (And the start of a new Beth Moore study at church - YAY!)


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Sandi said...

over $600?? That's AWESOME! Way to go!!