Monday, May 12, 2008

Yard Sale 2008 Recap

There have been many times since Wendy joined our family that I've wished I had a camera. If I could carry a fully charged camera at all times, ready to snap a picture in the blink of an eye, I'd have some REALLY funny pictures by now.

I never though I'd feel that way about a yard sale.

A yard sale in small-town Tennessee has an interesting cast of characters, to be sure. You've got your smokers, your chatty people, your people-who-want-everything-for-a-quarter. And then there was Bra Lady.

I first saw her looking at our book table, with her back to me. She was wearing a burnt-orange broomstick skirt and a brown tank top. Her hair was a from-the-box auburn. (Nothing wrong with from-the-box haircolor - I do it too.) Then she turned and I was quite surprised by her age - probably late 70s. Not at all what I expected from the clothing and the hair, but I was soon to be surprised even more.

She went over to one of the many clothing tables. She looked at this and that, holding items out and then refolding them. Then she picked up a bra.

(Let me pause for a moment to say that I wouldn't ordinarily put a bra in a yard sale. It was one that I bought and then realized that when worn for more than a few minutes the wire would try to insinuate itself between my ribs. It wasn't very comfy. Being practically new, I threw it in with the yard sale stuff.)

So Broomstick Skirt Lady picks up the bra - a nice white frilly one - and holds it out, looking it over thoroughly. She checked the size. She checked the straps. She checked the wires & hooks.

And then she tried it on.

Oh, yes, she tried it on.

She stood there in my front yard, with people milling all about, and tried on the bra over her brown tank top (thankfully). She didn't just try it on; she adjusted the straps, and tugged here and there, and moved this way and that, just like you would in a dressing room.

Except she was in my front yard. With people around. Do you have the mental picture?? I so wished I had a camera, but then I would never have posted it on my blog, anyway, for her privacy's sake.

I think that was quite possibly the hardest time I've ever had not laughing at someone.

She bought the bra.


Amy said...

Unbelievable. I wish you had a camera, too!

Sandi said...

Um...I don't think she would have been too worried about her privacy on a blog if she was willing to try on a bra at a garage sale.

Heather said...

um...yeah....thanks for that mental picture.

Jill said...

Ha! Thanks for the smile and giggle this afternoon.

DonnaMarie said...

I've been a 'semi-professional' garage saler for quite some time and can honestly say I've never experienced a bra lady! I don't know how you contained yourself. After the long and early hours of preparing and setting up, I'm usually pretty slap happy and giggly by mid-morning. Very funny!!

carrie said...

That is so funny! Yes, we had a yard sale here and had to hold back laughter many times.

pinkmommy said...

Oh my word. I am having a garage sale this weekend. Sounds like I might get some blogging material out of it!