Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's In My Car:

Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer is having a linky thing today where we all clean out our cars and list all the grossness we find. Kind of a minivan support group, I suppose. We (meaning James) actually cleaned our van out on Saturday, but here's a listing of what we were hauling around:

large Graco stroller
small umbrella stroller
booster seat
large umbrella
2 very VERY overdue library books
a bunch of receipts
empty Diet Pepsi Jazz can
empty Starbucks cup
empty McDonald's cup
random half-drunk bottle of water
2 containers of baby wipes
assorted napkins/Kleenexes in various states of use (Eww.)
Box of Puffs Plus
Half of a petrified PB sandwich (Also eww.)
Several of Wendy's hair clippies & rubber bands
Two of my jackets
Wendy clothes - shorts, onesie, tank top, socks, shoes, sweater
About 6 Cheerios
Equal number of Goldfish
Wrappers from cereal bars & cough drops
About 10 receipts (wondered where those were)
Wendy's phone

That's all that I remember. There's some pretty gross stuff there, but I'm really glad he didn't find a half-full sippy cup of milk. That's my biggest fear - that a sippy of milk will be overlooked and spontaneously combust or grow legs or something.

What's in your car?


A&EMom said...

Hi! I've found the sippy cups will not combust. However, it's still a less than pleasant experience!

Cute blog!

Eco said...

I always said that my car wouldn't be a mess when I had kids. All I have to say now is, "HAHAHA!" It just happens, huh.

And as for the milk thing, it wasn't in my car but I did manage to forget a bottle of milk in my diaper bag for about two weeks (we were sick and didn't leave the house much during that time). Can you say disgusting? That bottle was thrown away and I'll never, ever forget that smell. EWWWW!

(I see that I can only comment through my old/defunct blog, but you know where to find me)

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