Monday, June 30, 2008

A Sad Story

Once upon a time, a girl got herself a laptop computer, and her resident engineer (aka hubby) set up a wireless network. The girl was happy. The girl could blog while sitting on the couch. The girl could check her e-mail on the front porch. The girl could even sit in the backyard under the big shade tree and watch her daughter play while looking at Target's online ad for the week.

Then chaos came to the land, and the girl's wireless network didn't work at all. The resident engineer said something about network cables, and bandwidth, and the router being under warranty. The resident engineer packed the router into a box and the girl took it to UPS for it's journey to the router hospital. Apparently the router needs to be in the hospital for about two weeks.

Poor girl. No router means no wireless internet. No wireless internet means no internet access at all until after the baby goes to bed. Which means no good blog posts, an overflowing Bloglines account, and being out of touch in the Facebook world.


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