Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WFMW: Saving Money on Conditioner

One of the things that really gets on my nerves is wasting products because you can't get the last little bit out of the container. One of my coping strategies was to switch from liquid hand soap to bar soap; now I don't have to worry about that 1/2 inch stuck in the bottom of the little pump container.

Until recently, I was fighting the conditioner battle. Actually, I was ignoring the conditioner battle. I cleaned out our catch-all bathroom cabinet and found 6 bottles of conditioner with about half a cup of product left in the bottom. It was too much for me to just throw away, but it was really hard to get anything out of the bottles. I stuck them in the cabinet, intending to deal with them at some point.

Enter this little guy:

My bottle is a little more short and squatty than this one, but the top is the same. I bought it at Target about a year ago for about $2. It had been sitting since then, just waiting for the perfect opportunity.

I grabbed this bottle & unscrewed the top, which gives a really wide opening. Then I took each nearly-empty bottle of conditioner, added a little water, and shook it up to get the conditioner moving. It all got poured into the squeeze bottle. After I had added all my bits of conditioner, I gave it a good shake to get it all mixed up, and voila! A whole new bottle of conditioner!

Now my bathroom cabinet is less cluttered, I've finally thrown those bottles away, and I have a bunch of "new" conditioner to use! I'm definitely going to do this again!

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Heart of Wisdom said...

Great Idea! I know what you mean...I usually take a razor knife and cut the bottle open and bout cut my arm off getting to the last of the conditioner....I like your idea much better. lol

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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ttelroc said...

I'm a water it down and get it out of the bottle gal, too. Great idea to get a squeeze bottle!

Have a great day!

Jodi said...

Good for you! I've also found that Method brand hand soap pumps do a fabulous job of sucking every last little bit of soap out of the container. I bought one for each bathroom and once we emptied them, just refill them with the ginormous handsoap refill they sell at Sam's. You pay a little more for the Method up front, but I love that the hassle is just gone. Wasting that last little bit just irritates me to no end! Take care!