Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm a little bit frustrated. I was working on laundry today, and really accomplishing a lot - I had it all sorted, and was getting it washed & hung on the clothesline. On one of my trips to the clothesline I noticed a strong smell from the laundry room and went to investigate.

I had set a bottle of bleach next to the washer about two weeks ago, and hadn't touched it since. Apparently the vibration of the washer was enough to gradually move the bleach closer and closer until it fell over onto the washer, at which point it slowly leaked onto the lid, which drains directly into the washer's tub. Onto the clothes in the washer. Which happened to be some (formerly) nice button-up shirts & two (formerly) good pairs of jeans belonging to James. There's no saving them - the washer was draining or resting or something, so the dripping bleach just soaked into the clothes and ruined them.

Why did it have to be a load of dark clothes in the washer at that time? Why did the bleach decide to drip while the washer was resting, instead of when the tub was full of water & the bleach would be diluted? Why did the bleach sit there happily for two weeks and decide to fall today.


Guess we'll be dipping into the clothing budget pretty soon.


Nichole said...

Oh no! I wish I had something helpful to say.

Beachy Mimi said...

So sorry. Wish I could help you clean it up.

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