Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Book Review - A Passion Redeemed, by Julie Lessman

A Passion Redeemed, by Julie Lessman, is the second book in the Daughters of Boston series...and after reading it, I'm definitely going in search of book one.

The not-quite-heroine in this story, Charity O'Connor, is what you might call a strong-willed woman. She knows what she wants, and she does whatever she can to get it. Like a vivacious Scarlett O'Hara scheming to snare Ashley Wilkes, Charity plots and deceives to try and win the heart of Mitch Dennehy.

Mitch, however, having seen Charity for all she is, beautiful, intelligent, and flawed, is beyond her charms...or is he?

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Honey Mommy said...


Maybe I'll check this one out. I often find this kind of novel has nearly the same characters and plot each time. (strong-willed women falls for handsome, yet stubborn man... then fate has to show them they are both idiots and meant for each other)

Know what I mean?