Thursday, August 28, 2008


Robin, who blogs over at the Pensieve, has a weekly Poetic Challenge. After reading for awhile, I decided to join in today because I love the subject she chose this week!

So, here goes:


Sunshine and rubber,
the scent of graphite and wood;
I am saddened when you snap.
My fingers remember your shape,
and the crunch of your paint makes me smile.


Jana said...

I love it! That's the best tribute to a pencil I've ever read! :)

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

I can't believe it didn't register "what" you were writing about by your link! This is PERFECT for a b-2-s theme! We ALL have probably held a few hundred in our lifetimes!

GREAT job and THANKS for joining in this week...back again next?? :)

Peculiar said...

This is one great description and "ode" to a pencil!! This was very creative, and you did a great job! I started feeling the shape of a pencil while I was reading it. How many pencils must I have used just in my school years?!! Glad I came by.