Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Hard to be Two.

From Wendy's room, I hear pitiful cries of, "More waher, peese! More waher, peese!" I might actually take her seriously if it wasn't punctuated by random singing. She's supposed to be going to sleep - it's way past her bedtime.

Two is a hard age, apparently. I know (oh, BOY, do I know) that it's hard on the parents, but apparently it's quite tragic for the child. Only true, deep anguish could cause the kind of drama we see on a daily - no, hourly - basis around here.

The most common thing we hear from her these days is, "Oh, NO!!" Usually when she says this, something truly heartbreaking and profoundly sad has happened. Like the cat jumped off the couch. Or Momma dropped a book. Or the "Elmo's World" segment on Sesame Street is over.

I've heard that three is a very dramatic age. If it's worse than two, we're really in for a rough time!!


BexInTheCity said...

tell wendy that audrey feels her pain. (and i feel yours!!!)

Nichole said...

My sister-in-law tells me that it's a girl thing and that the drama isn't going to stop any time soon. (Thanks a lot, sister-in-law.)