Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Live in the Boonies

Out of desperation, I got Wendy ready, and she and I headed out in the pouring rain to the library. I took a list of your suggestions with me, in the hopes of finding some recommended books.

I struck out.

Well, almost. I did find several books by Karen Kingsbury, so I'm giving those a try. But that was it - all your other suggestions of authors & titles, and my library didn't have any of them. I was also looking for potty-training guides. They had one. I checked it out.

There are times when I fantasize about moving back to Missouri. Today is one of those days.


Amy said...

That stinks! I live in the third largest city in the US and I fantasize about moving back to Missouri almost every day.

gigere said...

I live in a tiny town too, and have made GREAT use of interlibrary loans...I can get any book I want delivered right to our little library. :)
I also forgot to mention my absolute favorite Christian historical fiction writers...have you read Brock and Bodie Thoene? Love them!!

ran said...

Karen Kingsbury has some good books. The whole R series - redemption, remembrance, reunion.....and the other R's that I can't think of now. But the best I have read of Kingsbury, is the Even Now and Ever After books. They will make you cry!!!! But a good story. I wanted Tawn to read them, but not while she was pregnant and had a brother in law in Iraq. She has now read them and enjoyed them too.