Monday, January 19, 2009

A Zebra Saved My Sanity

Wendy has always been very physically active. She turned over at three months, crawled at 7 months, climbed stairs at 8 months, and walked at 10 months. Occasionally she will sit quietly with a book or a puzzle & keep herself entertained, but for the most part - if the child is awake, she's moving. Running, climbing, jumping, spinning, dancing, wrestling, MOVING.

That can be tough in the wintertime & rainy days, when playing outside just isn't an option. Our house is small, and one very active toddler can really wreak havoc with the place. If we had a spare, you know, $30,000 laying around, I'd build on a playroom & floor it with gymnasium mats. Seriously. She'd love it.

She got a toy for her first birthday that has survived all the romping and has really become a favorite. It's her Fisher-Price Bounce & Spin Zebra. She used it a little from around 12-18 months, but she needed help balancing on it. But now? Now, she can jump and bounce and spin on that thing like crazy.
I seldom give out unsolicited product recommendations, but I just had to share the wonderfulness of this zebra with you, especially since a lot of my readers have toddlers underfoot. This toy is fantastic. If Wendy's being especially active, I ask her, "Why don't you go jump on your zebra?" She usually says, "Oh, awwight!" and happily bounces away for a while, burning up lots of energy!

The packaging says this toy is good for 12-36 months, so if you've also got a very active toddler (who may or may not drive you crazy when confined indoors) give it a try!!

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Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

We have one of those in the nursery at church (also the same room where LB goes to MMO), and she loves it too! We're trying to come up with good ways to run off toddler energy in the house too. I'm looking forward to spring already!