Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Favorite Sounds

This morning, I was taking a break from sorting Wendy's outgrown clothes & I heard James vacuuming upstairs. I realized that's one of my favorite sounds - someone else vacuuming. A lot of my favorite sounds are enjoyable by themselves, but some are good because of what they represent. Examples:

  • Wendy giggling
  • Wendy's sleepy sigh
  • cats purring
  • coffee brewing
  • the slight creak of the bed when I lay down
  • the dishwasher/washer/dryer running (esp. all 3 at once!)
  • the zip of a tent (no other zipper sounds the same)
  • crackling campfire
  • the spray & sizzle of using starch while ironing
  • James coming downstairs from work
What are some of your favorite everyday sounds & why?


Nicki said...

cats purring, horses munching, and the constant beep of the pulse ox during surgery!

carrie said...

my 2 son's laughter, a heartbeat on an ultrasound, christian music, birds chirping, and streams flowing.