Thursday, February 19, 2009

Olfactory Overload

I've always heard that a pregnant woman has a heightened sense of smell. I never noticed it when I was pregnant with Wendy, and I didn't notice it this time around, either - until the last couple of weeks. I don't normally have a very sensitive nose; I think the years of working with animals burned out some of my olfactory receptors. But now, it's like I've had a sudden awakening, and some unusual scents are particularly good.

Most people like certain smells, like flowers, fresh-cut grass, cookies baking, etc. I like all of those, too, but here are some of my more unusual favorite smells:
  • Dial antibacterial gold soap. I love it.
  • Band-aids.
  • Sizzling onions/peppers/steak. Like, the fajitas being brought to the table next to yours, when you ordered a healthy, boring salad.
  • Warm, clean, happy cat. Usually found purring in the sunshine.
  • April Fresh Downy. I don't use it often, but I keep snuffling the clothes when I use it.
  • ripe peach. I would almost rather smell it than eat it. Almost.
  • Lemon Endust. The house isn't clean if it doesn't smell like Lemon Endust.
  • freshly-bathed Wendy (that's kind of a given)
The flip side of this is that some smells are intensely displeasing to me now, things that ordinarily wouldn't bother me at all. Things like:
  • Garlic. Not fresh garlic in a meal, but the garlic that you ate yesterday that is now oozing from your pores. Yeah, I can smell that. Go stand way over there, please.
  • Ripe bananas. Green or just-barely ripe ones are fine, but once they cross that threshold, I don't want them anywhere around.
  • Gasoline. Normally, I kinda like the smell. Not right now.
  • The Refrigerator. All those closed-in smells. Normally, I don't think our fridge smells like anything, but when I'm pregnant, it stinks.
  • The Microwave. When you cook something and then shut the door, the smells stay in there & get funky - did you know that?
  • Cat breath. Especially Maestro's. Smells like something died in there.
Do you have any strange favorite or least favorite smells?


laura said...

yes, the refrigerator is a highly offensive smell to pregnant me right now too. also the freezer. i don't remember it bothering me w/ my last pregnancy. every time i open the fridge i have to take in a deep breath to avoid smelling it! also can't stand the smell of newspaper right now, esp. wet newspaper. pregnancy sure does wierd things doesn't it?

LESTER said...

I love the smell of coffee. It is probably my favorite. I'm not even a huge coffee drinker. I like it every now and then. I'm with you on the garlic ozzing out of the pores thing. Whenever my mom and I eat a lot of garlic it stays with us for a while. Gross.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I remember being overwhelmed with smells too! The litter box was always a huge offender to me, not matter what fancy kind of litter we used. And of course, Hubby was on litter box duty when I was pregnant, so it didn't get the attention I thought it needed. My nose was constantly in a tizzy from that!

Nikki said...

hahaha My cellphone is freaking me out with how it smells! I nearly vomit when someone calls me on it.