Monday, May 11, 2009


The amniocentesis results show that baby David's lungs are not quite ready to work. My OB is out today, so I don't know what Plan B will be. We should talk to her tomorrow & see where to go from here.

I'm bummed. I mean, I'm glad we know, so that we don't risk having him too early & have him struggling to breathe. But I was really, REALLY looking forward to being done tomorrow.


CB said...

I am so sorry jeni. What was your score on the amnio? Collin did not quite get the preferred score, he was just a few points away, but they decided to go ahead and induce me...he came out screaming and never had to have help breathing...and he only weighed, 3lbs. 12oz. I will pray they make the right decision for David. I know you are ready to be done!!

carrie said...

I know you are frustrated but atleast you know now. I will be watching to see the next plan.