Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today was supposed to be the day we met David, so I'm a little sad, but at least we have a new plan.

We will have a regular OB appointment on Friday, to make sure everything's still fine.

We do NOT have to repeat the amniocentesis, for which I'm very grateful.

We will have a C-section scheduled for NEXT Tuesday, 5/19. We'll be 37 1/2 weeks, so his lungs shouldn't have any problem functioning.

We'll be spending this week doing little things to make bringing him home easier. All the essentials are already done.

***Updated to add***
Not next Tuesday - the schedule was full. It'll be next Wednesday, 5/20, at noon.


Sandi said...

I'm sorry, Jeni, that you didn't get to meet him this week. On the other hand, what a BLESSING to be able to know that he wasn't ready! Prayers for you guys that your last days as a threesome are good...

Nicki said...

I think it would be weird to have a scheduled baby, I know it happens a lot though. It's how our receptions baby was born earlier this year. Hope it all goes well

Amanda O said...

My due date with my Kate was May 19, two years ago. Instead she was born a day early on my brother's bday. It is a wonderful time to have a baby. Just take these last few days with Wendy giving her all that extra love. I am praying for David's safe arrival into this world and for your recovery! Keep us informed (as always)!