Sunday, May 31, 2009

David's First 10 Days

My little man is already 11 days old! Time flies when you're not sleeping.

Some highlights of his first ten days:
  • Nothing makes him more angry than having his diaper changed - unless it's having his clothes changed. There is NO DOUBT that this baby has healthy lungs!
  • Nothing makes him happier than nursing. He's doing a great job, and now we just need my milk supply to kick in.
  • His jaundice is fading, and his skin looks pretty good in the sunlight. His eyes are still a little yellow, but less so every day.
  • He cracks us up when he gets a serious, frowny look on his face & goes cross-eyed.
  • He's growing well despite the milk supply problems; we've been supplementing him with formula to give him a boost, since he lost almost a pound. His last weight check was on Friday, and he was 6 lb, 9 oz - so he gained half a pound from Monday to Friday!
  • I'll be calling the lactation people on Monday for an appointment to see what else we can do to improve supply. I was really hoping we'd be able to nurse without problems this time around, but apparently that's not going to happen.
  • I'm tired. But very blessed. I mean, seriously - look at my wonderful guys:


Holly said...

Congratulations! Praise be to God!!

evonne6kid said...

I am a breastfeeding expert. Call me if the lactation people are confusing or if you have questions or need more help.