Wednesday, June 24, 2009


A few minutes ago, I was happily puttering in the kitchen. The washer & dryer were both going, the dishwasher was gurgling, and I was waiting for a piece of toast to pop up for a mid-morning snack.

David was asleep in his swing in the living room.

Wendy was sitting on the living room floor watching "Signing Times."

So imagine my surprise...shock...incredulity...horror... see Wendy walk into the kitchen CARRYING David.

Thankfully, she had grabbed him under the arms & his head was resting against her chest.

But, oh, my heart. Not sure it needed that jumpstart this morning.


Nichole said...

Yikes! That makes me grateful that Pi had zero interest in newborn Graham.

Amanda O said...

How funny, my mom has the same story to tell of me doing that to my newborn (6wk old) brother Robert when I was the same age as Wendy. I heard that story so many times that was the main thing I taught Rylea before Kate was born. She never picked her up, but now they are both getting in to a whole lot of new things! Glad to hear no one got hurt!