Monday, June 22, 2009


Lately, when I write it's all about David. That's probably a given when there's a new baby around; he's going to get most of the attention. Wendy has been adapting pretty well, all things considered. After a few bumps in the road (and by "bumps" I mean hysterical tantrums thrown at the drop of a hat) we're all getting adjusted to our new family situation.

Here are some recent happenings that made us smile:

1. On the way home from Grandma and Grandpa's house recently, David was upset and was screaming his little head off. Wendy patted him and asked, "What matter, baby?" and then said, "It okay, we awmosh home."

2. With no prompting at all, she has played "This Little Piggie" with her brother's toes. It sounds something like this: "Dis wiw pih-ie wen do market, dis wiw pih-ie day home. Dis wiw pih-ie das wosbeese, dis wiw pih-ie das un. An DIS wiw pih-ie dies wee-wee-wee, awl da way home." I've got to whip out the video camera sometime & record her doing this!

3. She knows the motions to some of her songs from Bible class. She won't sing along, but she'll ask me to sing & then do the motions as I sing. Her favorite is, "Roll the Gospel Chariot Along, " especially the part where you roll right over the devil.

4. Last night, after being a very bad girl, she turned things around and was exceptionally good leading up to bedtime. James praised her, and said that because she was such a good girl, she could take a book AND a toy to bed with her. (She usually just gets a book.) She was so excited by the idea, she didn't even care what her toy was...and she ended up choosing a Mr. Potato-Head arm. So last night we tucked in our girl, her duckie book, and a little Mr. Potato-Head arm.