Tuesday, August 18, 2009


There are countless products available for parents of newborns. They range from the basic to the bizarre, from simple to elaborate, and from very useful to dust-collector. I've put together a list of things that have been indispensable to me this time around, in the hopes that it helps someone else!

1. Swing
We have a Graco Lovin' Hug swing (in a retired print) that we bought before Wendy was born. It's battery-powered, comfy, sturdy, and fairly lightweight. Wendy used it occasionally, but David loves it! He naps in it almost every day, and he sometimes sits in it to play, too. It's also the quickest place to put him if I need to set him down suddenly to take care of Wendy. The batteries last a pretty long time, too - we put new ones in when he was born, and haven't had to replace them yet after hours and hours of use!

2. Moby Wrap

I've written about my love for the Moby Wrap before. It's comfortable, easy to use, easy to clean, and I just can't say enough about it! I wish I had known about them when Wendy was a baby.

3. bumGenius 3.0 diapers

We started using cloth diapers for David about two weeks ago. Before we commited to a certain kind, I tried several. The bumGenius 3.0 one-size pocket diaper is definitely our favorite! It's easy to use, adjustable, comfortable, fairly trim (for a cloth diaper), and washes easily. We've had a few leaks, but it's been because they weren't adjusted correctly. I really enjoy using these diapers, and I definitely enjoy not throwing more money away on disposables!

4. Bumbo

The Bumbo is something David is not quite ready for, but I expect to be able to use it in just a few weeks. It's a baby positioner, and holds them in a seated position once a baby is strong enough to hold his head steady. Wendy really liked it - in fact, she still likes it, and somehow squishes her giant almost-3-year-old self into the seat to watch TV!

5. Ministar baby shoes

If you have a baby or toddler, you need these shoes! I can't overstate how wonderful they are. We discovered them when Wendy was about a year old; I had a coupon for them & decided to give them a try. They are similar to Robeez baby shoes, but are much more affordable. The best thing about them is that baby cannot get them off! Wendy wore them up through last winter, because she would not leave her socks on. Even being 2 1/2 at the time, she could not figure out how to get them off, and so her socks would stay on!

6. Tide original powder

We use Tide for all of our laundry, and it has never let us down. It's especially good for the cloth diapers, and gets them clean & smelling fresh. We buy the big box from the warehouse store, and it lasts a long time!

7. Diaper bag w/ lots of pockets

I always pack a lot of stuff when going out with a newborn. Pockets help me to stay organized on the go. I found this bag on sale for $40, and I love it! It's not too diaper-baggy, if you know what I mean, but it definitely does the job. It's neutral, so James can carry it without looking like a doofus, and it will last for years. My favorite feature is the buckle straps for fastening it on a stroller - we haven't used it for a stroller, but I use it all the time on shopping carts!

8. Thermal knit blankets

These have been wonderful for swaddling David. We've got several inexpensive ones (not the Pooh one pictured - it was the only image I could find!) and we use them all the time. They are lightweight, slightly stretchy, and usually a little bigger than the typical receiving blanket - which helps when you have a BIG boy like ours!

9. Johnson's Bedtime Baby Wash & Lotion

Scent is very important to me when it comes to choosing bath supplies, and I love the scent of Johnson's bedtime bath! It makes David smell so yummy and good and clean!

10. James!

Well, you can't get one of these at the store. And you can't have mine. Best of luck finding your own.


Leigh said...

great list! I'd agree on almost everything on the list... and I'd add a whitenoise machine. Both my boys slept through the night early on, and I think this helps a bit...

Rachel C. said...

Great list! I'm having a baby in about a month and there's still so many things I need. I think I'm going to do the BumGenius thing too!

Mandi @ It's come to this said...

#10's the best! I don't see how single parents do it!!!

oh amanda said...


I can't believe I didn't have this when my 3yo was a baby! I love having it.

And #10! Perfect!

Beck said...

I like the smell of that Johnson's baby bedtime stuff so much that we STILL always have in the house, and our youngest baby is FOUR!

I wonder if my brother and sister-in-law have a Bumbo seat for their new baby? I'll see this weekend!