Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WFMW: Rag Curls

My daughter has very fine, straight, shoulder-length hair, and it's still baby-fluff hair that is hard to style. I decided to try rag curls last week, and didn't have much success. After doing some more research, I decided to try again - and they certainly worked this time!

Here's what I did:
  1. Cut 1" x 8" strips from an old T-shirt. I used 10 strips for her little head; for a bigger girl or thicker hair, you'd need more strips.
  2. Washed her hair, conditioned well, let air dry.
  3. Gathered comb, mousse, rag strips, and child, and turned on a fun DVD. (For an almost-3 year old, that last bit is essential if you want her to hold still!)
  4. Combed her hair out, and liberally applied mousse. Lots and lots of mousse.
  5. Sectioned the hair, starting at the top of the head, and rolled each little section on a rag strip, then tied the strip in a knot to keep it in place.
I rolled her hair in the late afternoon, and before bedtime I had to re-roll a few curls, because her play had loosened them. In the morning, all I did was carefully untie the strips & unroll the curls, and run my fingers through them to loosen them up a little.

The curls were a bit tighter than I would prefer, but I'm sure with more practice I'll get it just right. I may try sponge rollers, too, if I can ever find them at the store. These rag curls were really quite easy, and they were comfortable for Wendy - she wore them for over 12 hours, and didn't seem to be bothered by them at all.

Rag curls work for me! For more tips & ideas, visit Works-For-Me Wednesday at We Are THAT Family!


Amanda said...

So cute! My daughter (and I) have stick straight, fine hair. I bet she'd love for me to make her hair curly just once. I'll give that a try.

Thank you, also, for stopping by BBD and entering the giveaway!

Songbirdtiff said...

ADORABLE! When I was a child we did this, too. As I recall, it was about the only we could curl my impossibly straight hair.

carrie said...


Amy Ellen said...

Amazing blast from my past... this is exactly what my mom would do for my hair when I was a little girl... minus the mousse... and she used socks that I had outgrown, since I didn't have a little sister to hand them down to... you know, just little bobby socks that fold down once... those socks.

Thanks for sharing,
Amy Ellen at Health Begins With Mom

Amber @ Classic Housewife said...

When I was a kid my mom used to put my hair in sponge rollers quite often. She'd do it just after a bath and right before bedtime. To keep the curlers in place while I slept, she, uh... used a pair of my pretty little character under-you-know-whats. (Don't want you getting any weird traffic you know.) ;)

So the other day I rolled my 6 yr olds hair (I tried pin curls) and what did I use to keep them in place? YOU GOT IT. Only I used two, one forward, one backward. She giggled and thought it was hilarious. Okay, yeah, she did look pretty funny. =) But it worked well to keep them in place while she slept. The pin curls? Not so much. I need to try that again. Or try the rag curls. =)

Sherry said...

TOo cute! I've never tried rag curls. I've done braiding for my daughter to get wavy hair.

Eden said...

You may want to try this out if you can sew at all. It's been on my To Do list for a year, but it will eventually happen.