Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WFMW: Preheating the Covers

I've mentioned before that our house is old. According to the paperwork, it was built in 1940, and everyone says it has "character." If you've ever been house shopping, you know that "character" can mean: a) foundation problems, b) plumbing problems, c) wiring problems, d) cosmetic problems, e) window/roof/siding/insulation problems, or f) all of the above. Let me just say that I do love our little house; it's charming and cute and good for our little family. But it's definitely in character category f) all of the above!

Our house is drafty and cold in the winter. The cold comes up through the floors, whistles through the windows, and breezes under the doors. There's even a strange (COLD) current of air that whooshes through our bathroom if it's windy outside. When it gets very cold, as it has been here for the last week or so, the combined efforts of our furnace & gas fireplace keep the temperature hovering in the mid-60s.

We've lived here for 3 years, and really, we're accustomed to the cold.

But at night...when you're already cold...and you slip between cold covers...that's just not nice. It takes much longer to fall asleep if you're cold. If you do fall asleep before you get warm, you won't sleep deeply. I shivered & complained & piled blankets on the bed in years past, in feeble attempts to get warm - until I had a flash of inspiration this year.

I have a heating pad.

So now, about ten minutes before I want to go to bed, I tuck that heating pad into the bed, under the covers, and crank that baby up on high. Now when I get into bed, it's toasty and warm. I can relax more quickly and fall asleep faster.

I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner. It's made a huge difference in the quality & amount of sleep I get - and believe me, with a fiery 3 year old and a busy 7 month old, I need all the sleep I can get!

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Kim said...

We do the same thing but with an electric blanket. I preheat the bed for about 30 mins before we go to bed then turn it off once we get in.

Nichole said...

That is brilliant

Tracey said...

Our house isn't old, but the sheets are surely cold!! Great idea!!

Taylor at Stain Removal 101 said...

What a wonderful but simple way to pamper yourself. Great idea!

Nicki said...

Good idea. I remember at our house in columbia-the windows were so bad when it was windy you could see the curtains sway in the breeze. We replaced them eventually!