Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Buds n' Branches

Back in June, we had the privilege of going to the wedding of my husband's little sister and her long-time sweetheart. I took that opportunity to look for matching outfits for Wendy and David - how many excuses to you get for dressing your kids alike??

After searching high and low, I came across the Buds n' Branches store on Etsy. I really liked what I saw, but nothing was just exactly right. I send a message to the seller, and she graciously agreed to make me a matching set for Wendy and David, complete with their names embroidered on the front.

I was especially delighted by the quick turn-around; I placed the order and had the outfits within the week! The workmanship is great, the fit is great, and the kids were SO cute for the wedding!

If you're in the market for matching apparel for your kiddos, or just want a nice monogrammed outfit, go visit Buds n' Branches! You'll love it!

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(p.s. - I also love the kids' shoes! Wendy's sandals are Stride Rite's Lollipop sandals and David's shoes are Converse One Star shoes from Target.)


Dave S said...

I've been missing my Grandsweeties! Back home Saturday afternoon!

Eos Mom said...

What a great idea--the matching outfits look fabulous! (And your kids are adorable!!!)