Monday, July 19, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Makes Me Smile!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

I had a bit of writer's block when I was trying to think of a topic for today's Top Ten Tuesday post. I asked Twitter for suggestions, and Heather came to my rescue! Thanks, Heather!

Top Ten Things My Kids Have Done To Make Me Smile Lately:

Wendy was holding the front door for me as I was bringing in groceries last week. I walked through and she didn't shut the door. I said, "Close the door please, baby!" and she replied, "I'm holding it for God!" She always asks us if God is in the car with us, and of course we say yes...I guess it makes sense that He would come in the house when we do!

David has been really interested in Signing Time lately. He was watching a video the other day and I saw him grab one plump wrist with the other plump hand and sway back and forth - he was trying to copy the sign for "baby"!

Wendy was coloring very intently during our devotional on Sunday night. When she finished, she handed it to Miss Rachel, and said, "I made this for you!" (Miss Rachel is our church's resident grandmother. Everyone knows her and loves her.)

David knows that the first thing we do when we come home is take off our shoes, and usually his Daddy helps him with that. Now, whenever we come in, David plops down on the floor in front of Daddy, grabs the toes of his shoes, and asks, "shushuf?" which must be his form of "shoes off?"

We've definitely entered the phase of sibling squabbles, but today, all of her own accord, Wendy shared her snack with David! She saw that he was hungry, and said, "I'll share wif him!" She pinched off little pieces of her bread and popped it in his wide-open baby-birdie mouth. It was sweet!

David has entered a very hug-y phase, and we are loving it! He will be busy playing, and walk over to us, give us a hug, and continue on his merry way!

Wendy laughed in her sleep the other night. Like, a full-out, wide-awake sounding laugh. Even though it woke me up, I had to smile - she must have been having a good dream!

David has finally discovered that books are not just for chewing. He has a little touch-and-feel animal book that he will "read" for ten minutes at a time - he's fascinated by it!

Wendy makes everything into a song these days. It can get annoying, but it's also pretty funny. It turns simple requests for more milk into quite an entertaining show!

David's determination in exercising his new walking skills is really impressive. I have to smile when I see his focus as he holds his balance during a wobbly spell. He is such a busy boy!

Those are ten ways my kids have made me smile lately - and I must say, it was a good thing for me to focus on. These days of parenting an almost-4 year old and a 14 month old can be draining and exhausting. Revisiting all the ways they make me smile sure makes it seem worthwhile!

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oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

What an encouraging post! I need to do this sometimes. Plus a beautiful memory!

And oh, I love when they first start to sign! So cute!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Yay! I'm so glad you were able to find ten things that made you smile! What a great post. I love it when LB laughs in her sleep too.

Mainline Mom said...

This really is a GREAT post! I love it! I should write these things down sometime too.

Susan said...

Very sweet. I miss those ages...teens don't make me smile nearly enough these days, lol.

Laura said...

I loved reading this! I remember -- it is draining and exhausting, but it's oh-so-wonderful!

Come on over for some mom inspiration and encouragement.

JessieLeigh said...

Aw... what sweet things to be able to look back and remember down the road! The days can be so busy... it's good to take a moment to reflect on these special times. (LOVE the idea of holding the door for God... I think I need to do that every now and again. :))

Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

I have co-slept with 2 kids and one of the top benefits is those sleep giggles that wake you up (but not them!). It also warms my heart when my kids are sweet with one another. Here from Top ten.