Monday, June 20, 2011

Show Me the Workbook!

Today, Wendy was asking and asking to do schoolwork. I didn't have anything planned, so I was pulling things off the shelf to see if we could find something to do. I came across her next handwriting workbook, and she asked to see it. I let her look through it, cautioning her that she couldn't start it until we finished up her current workbook.

She ended up taking the new workbook under her bed, where she slowly flipped through it. Then she came and sat next to me to show me every single page in the book.

And then she eagerly sat down with her current book, and proceeded to work at her handwriting for over an hour.


I had to tell her it was time to stop, and she asked if she could work on it again tomorrow. The lure of that brand-new yellow workbook is just too much to resist!

I highly recommend Handwriting Without Tears. This isn't a paid endorsement, nor did I get any free products - they don't know me from Adam. I just love their workbooks, and Wendy does, too!

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