Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kids' Shared Bedroom

Yesterday I mentioned that we had been working on some projects. Oh, boy, have we ever!

Since David moved out of his cradle in our room more than two years ago, he moved into Wendy's bedroom. They enjoy sharing a room, and it works out pretty well for us. What wasn't working for us was having both beds, dressers, hanging clothes, books, toys, stuffed animals, etc. all in one smallish bedroom. The room is right off of the living room, which was also a problem; if James and I wanted to watch a movie, the kids would have a hard time falling asleep. And have I mentioned it was Wendy's bedroom? It was painted a lovely lavender color, with pink gingham curtains...a bit girly now that both kids were sharing.

We have a room upstairs that had been our "dump and run" room since we moved here 5 years ago. It was jam-packed with Christmas decorations, things waiting to be taken to Goodwill, outgrown baby/kid clothes, random items that didn't have another home, and all of the collapsed boxes from when we moved in. James and I cleaned out that room, which took about 3 days and ten years off my life. We made several trips to Goodwill, and we finally got the kids' outgrown clothes sorted & put in the attic.

My sister-in-law (who is awesome) helped me strip wallpaper and paint the upstairs room a bright spring green. That is now the kids' shared bedroom. Wendy's side is very girly and is decorated with flowers and butterflies and Disney fairies. David's side is decorated with a giant poster of a John Deere tractor and many cars/trucks/trains/planes. They love their new room, and it's working great for them!

Stay tuned for details on the new Playroom-slash-Schoolroom...

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