Friday, November 4, 2011


After we got the kids' shared bedroom moved upstairs, it was finally time to tackle her old bedroom! The lavender had to go; I was envisioning something much brighter. The room has two big windows and lets in quite a bit of light - perfect for a learning and creative play space. I decided on a honey-cantaloupe-type color, and four coats of paint later (yes, FOUR) I'm really happy with how it turned out!

The kids have really enjoyed having the playroom set up. It's been great to be able to do school in the same place where David is playing; we all are able to spend more time together that way. (And David isn't off in another room using glitter glue as chapstick...not that he's ever done that before.) We'll need to change some things as the kids grow, but for now we love this room!

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Susan said...

Of course you know I LOVE seeing the pictures :)

Great job. Motivates me to at least start looking at paint colors...

Entire house needs a good painting. Except our room which was just done.

Happy Homeowning!