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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WFMW: Smooth Legs

Every Wednesday over at Rocks in my Dryer, Shannon hosts a tip carnival called Works-For-Me Wednesday. It's a great place to get advice on topics relevant to any aspect of life.

My tip today is nothing new; I think I've read the same tip several times on the WFMW circuit. I finally tried it myself, though, and I just have to share:

Use conditioner instead of shaving cream when shaving your legs.

That's it.


It protects from nicks at least as well as shaving cream, and you won't believe how smooth & silky your legs will feel. It also means you can have one less bottle in the shower, which helps cut down on clutter. I recommend you rinse the tub well after doing this, as it makes the tub kinda slick.

For more great tips, head over to Works-For-Me Wednesday at Rocks in my Dryer!


BexInTheCity said...

yup.... good one. I've been doing this for a while. ever since I was too cheap to buy more shaving cream. haha.

Frugal Finds said...

Grear frugal tip!! I will have to try this!!