Monday, February 18, 2008


Hello, Monday. Once again, I greet you grudgingly, exhausted from tending to a sick baby, behind in housework, overbudget, and discouraged. Sigh.

Let me start over:

Hello, Monday! What a bright, sunshiny morning! I have many things to accomplish, and a fresh new week in which to begin. Though I'm tired, Wendy's ailing, and we're a bit behind, we can make it through. With prayer, God's grace, and a little gumption, we may be able to implement the new household schedule!

When I said I was behind...seriously, I'm way behind. Of my five things listed last week, only 1/2 of one got done. Yikes. I'm going to re-state a few of last week's goals, and adopt them for this week:

1. Resume daily Bible study. I'll be starting an online study called Believing God, by Beth Moore. It's offered through LifeWay Christian Resources, and I think it'll be really good!

2. Clean out microwave, refrigerator, oven. Yuck. Must be done, or the mutated life forms that emerge might take over our house.

3. Hang dining room valance.

4. Put all laundry away! I have three laundry baskets full of clean, folded clothes. Why can I never just get them put away right after I fold them?!

5. Sort Wendy's clothes. I really need to see what she's got in terms of spring/summer for this year, and for fall/winter next year. I like to shop the end-of-season clearance sales.

Our menu for the next two weeks is going to be bare-bones kind of cooking. We're trying to get our food budget to a workable level, and the last half of the month is always more difficult.

You may notice that every Thursday night we go over to my parents' house. That's because Thursday night Survivor and Lost are on. We're big fans, but our TV is dying, and it's getting pretty fuzzy. If you watch Lost, you can imagine that watching it on a fuzzy TV is less than wonderful. My parents are also fans, so we head over there for dinner and a night of stranded-on-a-deserted-island television.

Monday - Oven-fried chicken, green beans, brown rice

Tuesday - Spaghetti

Wedneday - Pork chops, peas, mashed potatoes

Thursday - dinner at Mom & Dad's - to be determined

Friday - Smoked sausage, mac & cheese, broccoli, applesauce (one of James's favorite meals)

Saturday - Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans

Sunday - leftovers


Nichole said...

We frequently have budget-crunch weeks. I try to make at least one or two "freezer meals" on paycheck weeks to offset the no-paycheck weeks. Having something that I actually want to eat helps me get through the "thin" weeks.

Jeni said...

Yeah, I've thought of that, and I've also thought of breaking my monthly grocery allotment into a twice-monthly allotment. I think that might help me even things out more.

carrie said...

I just talked to Velvet and she told me Wendi was sick. I hope she doesn't have the flu like everyone else seems to have! I hope you week improves greatly!

Sandi said...

I think the breaking the monthly grocery budget into two would be really helpful. Also, if you took it out and had the cash, you wouldn't be able to go over what you had (we used to do this -- that envelope system). If you aren't already doing this, plan according to the front page sales -- it really does help. Let me know if you need any other ideas...(I used to work REALLY hard at keeping our budget low)