Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday: Toddler Chores

If you've ever visited my blog before, you know that I have a toddler. Wendy is 19 months old (where did the time go??) and is becoming Mommy's Little Sidekick. She naturally wants to be involved in everything I'm doing, so I've started having her do "chores."

Now, don't call Child Protective Services on me. It's just little stuff, and she really enjoys being a part of things.

1. Putting away toys. That's an obvious place to start. She's good at putting her toys in the basket, or bringing her books to me to put on the shelf. She's been doing this for quite awhile, but we're just now getting to the point that it's routine at naptime & bedtime.

2. Helping bring in the groceries. As I unload the groceries from the back of the van, Wendy gets her own item(s) to bring inside. It's usually something like a box of pasta or roll of paper towels, but it gives her the idea that she should help.

3. Unloading the dishwasher. This is a chore she initiated. She LOVES to help unload the silverware. I make sure her hands are clean, and she hands me the silverware to put in the drawer, one utensil at a time. It's slow, and occasionally the silverware has to be rewashed after she decides to taste it, but it's worth it. And as she hands me each piece she says, "There you go," and I say, "Thank you." So we're practicing language, too.

4. Dusting. We haven't started this yet, but it's next on the list. We don't really have any breakables within her reach, so she should be able to "dust" the coffee table & end tables in our living room pretty easily.

These are some things that work for us, so far. For more helpful tips, go to Works For Me Wednesday at Rocks in my Dryer!


Sandi said...

I love hearing what people do with their little ones and chores. I posted about Caden and chores when he was around Chase and Wendy's age or maybe a little older. I used to have him sort the silverware -- I put out different cups and had him put the spoons in one, forks in another, but I think that he must have been older because I can't picture Chase doing that! And when I'm doing laundry, I put the wet clothes on the open dryer door and have Chase push them in "the hole". He loves doing that.

Nicole said...

My boys as toddlers love to dust the baseboards, and they did a decent job! You might want to start there with dusting.

Our 3 year old's job at dinner is getting napkins for everyone; his 5 year old brother's is to get everyone's silverware.

jen said...

I think it's great to have kids pitch in! My 2 and 4 year old girls absolutely LOVE to help out. It occurred to me that the only reason kids start hating chores is because they learn that they shouldn't enjoy them! We try to make "chores" a game and the girls have a great time helping out the grown-ups - especially when they get their favorite organic lollipops as a reward!

Michele said...

We have our toddler (16 mths) do the same chores- she loves helping! :) She also likes to help load/unload the dryer.
Great post! :)