Thursday, November 6, 2008


If you know my husband, you know he is intelligent. Very. As a fairly intelligent person myself, it's sometimes hard to admit that he's smarter than I am in several areas. He's a mechanical engineer, an occupation that suits his personality and type of intelligence perfectly.

His latest brilliant idea involves Wendy sleeping in a "toddler bed." You may remember that we gave the toddler bed a try back in July, and it worked for about a week. Then we had to deconstruct the toddler bed & change it back into a crib, and it's been that way for the last four months.

When we were told at the doctor last week that I'm not supposed to lift more than 20 pounds, my thoughts immediately went to getting Wendy in & out of the crib. She's 30 pounds. There's no way to get her in & out without lifting her pretty high.

Enter my brilliant husband. Instead of messing with deconstructing the crib & converting it back into a toddler bed, he just took the front off. The front panel is leaning up against a wall in the living room. If Wendy is bad & gets out of bed, the panel gets put back on & she gets a scolding & we explain to her that she has to sleep in a baby bed since she can't be a big girl.

It works great! I've had to put the panel on three times in the last week, and those times were when her schedule was off & she was having a hard time anyway. She's adjusting quite well to her toddler bed, hasn't fallen out once, and is proud to be a big girl!

Now if James can just figure out a way to make potty-training painless & quick...

(James & Wendy about 14 months ago)

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