Monday, December 29, 2008

Rounding Out

Okay, this is the picture I posted before, of the Jumping Bean and I at 13 weeks. I was obviously pregnant, showing more than I should.

And this is me today, at 17 weeks. I'm a little bigger, and definitely rounder. With my first pregnancy, I consistently measured 2 months bigger than I actually was...and I'm even bigger this time! I think I was about this size at 6 months with Wendy.

So basically, by the time this baby comes, I'm going to need scaffolding under my belly to keep me upright.


Sandi said...

I like how you're looking happier at this stage in pregnancy. :)

I know how the showing-big thing goes. I, personally, think you look great, but I TOTALLY RELATE to the big feelings.

Amber @ Classic Housewife/ Modern World said...

I was thinking the same thing -love the big happy smiley face!! =)

Jeni said...

It's much easier to be smiley when you're not focused on not puking. :-)