Friday, May 15, 2009

A little bit of sadness...

As we were checking out at the doctor's office today, my phone rang with a number I didn't recognize. When I checked the voicemail, it was from a Good Samaratin - a Terminex guy in Fairview, TN, who found a terribly injured little dog with our phone number on the tags.

I knew it was Bella; we had Bella for about 7 years, and gave her away to a nice single mom & daughter this past February.

Soon we got a call from a vet in Fairview, letting us know that they had Bella & asking what we wanted to do about things. Bella had been attacked by another dog, and had serious abdominal injuries, possibly compromising her intestines. I ransacked my Gmail folder for the name & phone number of Bella's new owner; I didn't feel like I could authorize any kind of treatment, since she wasn't my dog anymore. I passed along the contact information, hung up the phone, and wondered for awhile how things were going.

About 30 minutes later, I got another call from the vet's office - they hadn't been able to reach the new owner, but they had taken a radiograph & Bella's back was broken. She was put to sleep.

It makes me sad. Bella no doubt brought it on herself - she was a tiny little trash-talking fury, and would bark & act aggressive around other dogs, even though she was only 5 pounds. But around people, she was gentle & sweet & silly. I hope the vet's office is able to reach the new owner, so that they'll at least know what happened to her.


Nicki said...

At least she didn't have to suffer too long while they wondered who she might belong to and what to do with her. It'a always a bummer to get bad news when you have a happy event coming up.

Amy said...

I'm sorry! That's very sad...she was a terribly cute dog.

Sandi said...

I'm so sorry, Jeni.