Saturday, January 16, 2010


Over at (In)Courage, Robin has issued a challenge to express our God-given creative drive this year. The first assignment is simple - write a haiku. The theme is winter; I'll follow that theme and also write some about my family.

Here goes:

A flash of scarlet
Among the bare, cold branches
Splendor with feathers

Cold toes, tangled hair
She climbs and snuggles deep, close
Morning moments glow

Pudgy hands capture
A truck, a blanket, a book
And my complete heart

Strength, integrity
A man seeking after God
Makes his children smile


Kristina said...

I love that you wrote a poem for each child! Sweet and so good.

Josh and Kelly said...

Precious poems for kids! Love it- I'm inspired. Thank you

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Oh, Jeni!!

J'ADORE! J'ADORE! {Why do I keep speaking French when I don't actually, ya know, SPEAK FRENCH??}

Love your Winter's imagery...and I love getting to know your family in 17-syllable segments!

Well done, friend...and thank you for joining in with great relish!


Paula Jean said...

i love the pictures you painted with your poems!

dawn said...

i'm inspired by your kid haikus--what a lovely way to treasure them.

and being a bird your winter haiku as well!

HisFireFly said...

What gorgeous babes and sweet words to honour them!

Katy said...

how cute!! love the poems about you family :)

Graceful said...

Oh what a wonderful idea -- to write Haiku about your family. I especially love the one about your son, so sweet.

mary said...

I was really touched by your poems, very nice job-I feel inspired to try my own ;o)

Elizabeth said...

I love your inspiration!

Linda said...

What a lovely job you've done! In just a few words you have written the essence of your precious loved ones. Beautiful word pictures.

nicky said...


Jeni said...

Thanks for all the great comments!! I love writing about my family, and haikus are perfect for catching little snapshots of life.

Dorie said...

So precious! I love that you carried the challenge further by creating a beautiful poem about each of your children! Such beautiful imagery!

Denese said...

What little darlings you have! Love that you followed the flow into writing about your hubby and children. Makes me want to write (play) all day : )

togetherforgood said...

Beautiful! :)

MelaKamin said...

wow - "splendor with feathers" - beautiful and love those written for your family - sweet